Our natural beauty "Agva" is one of the most beautiful holiday resorts in Turkey with its two wonderful terraces which are famous for its natural wonder, sea, forests and natural beauties.

Although researches on Ağva have been home to many civilizations such as Hittites, Phrygians, Romans and Ottomans, there have been various settlements in various periods, but remains of various civilizations can be found in many parts of the region.
According to the findings of Agva and surrounding areas, the history of Agva dates back to M.Ö. 7. It lies about a hundred years. Various historical heritages can still be found in neighboring villages around Ağva and they are waiting to face the day.

Church Remains and tomb stones belonging to Romal in Kalem Village, Gürlek Cave located in Hacilli Village, late 3rd - 4th century, castle remains in Hisar Tepe, mountain finder in Sungurlu district are important finds. In the second half of the 14th century, the Turkmen tribe from Konya, Karaman and Balikesir settled. Today's Network is also the children of the same Turkmen. Agva means "village between two streams" and "water" in Latin.

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Ağva is a Black Sea seaside town on the Istanbul Şile county boundaries, surrounded by pine forests, one side of Göksu and one side of Yeşilçay rivers. Ağva beaches are the only beach and sandy beaches in Istanbul that are almost clean.

Ağva, which is a natural wonder where nature exhibits all its tricks, attracts visitors from every region of our country. Ağva, located 90 kilometers from Istanbul, is not a region with transportation problems like the old one. It can be reached through cleaner roads through the forest road after the road called Şile.

Continuing its popularity both in the summer and winter seasons, Agva takes a big tourism town air season.

Agva is full of people who want to live in the beautiful months of winter when the beaches are full in the summer months.

It is the fact that it is not a seaside town known for its natural beauty, and its green nature, forests, coves and sandy beaches are both influenced by these famous rivers, which are released by both sides. However, the beauty of Agva is certainly not limited to these.

Ağva is one of the rare and untouched remnants of Istanbul, has a sandy beach with 3 kilometers of coast to the Black Sea, and there are also very large beaches, koylars and natural sea caves in various regions. With this feature, it is home to the beauty that can not be found both in Istanbul and Marmara region. It is clean because it is surrounded by pine forests and is on the Black Sea coast.

Shopping in Agva;

Agva is not such a big shopping center with huge big shopping centers, there are places where you can buy souvenirs in small shops in the center and on the beach in the summer months. There are also BİM, A101 and SHOK beside Ağva which is a shop opened by Şile bezi tekstil. Apart from that there are many markets, butchers, grocery stores where you can shop.

Entertainment and life;

There are many restaurants, cafes and tea shops where you can get service when you visit Agva. There are 2 internet cafés in the center of Agva. There are bars and a disc in the summer months. There are many entertainment and activities in Agva that guests can stay in. At Ergürk Petrol'da Ağva entrance is the only gas station in Agva. In addition to this, there is only an ATM belonging to Garanti Bank in Agva where only Ziraat Bank is located. All kinds of bank cards can be processed from here.

Tourism in Agva;

Ağva lives in the summer season with its concentration of tourism, and with the closing of schools, Ağva, which has gained its intensity, becomes a more calm environment in the winter months and in the autumn. Today, there are about 30 hotels, 15 pensions and 50 pensions in Ağva. Agva hotels live in the summer months with the most reservations. Especially those who want to come and stay but do not find a place to stay on weekends are forced to stay in Ağvadaki house pensions, some days the whole accommodation including house pensions reaches 100% occupancy rate, So we recommend that you book in advance to accommodate. Agva hotel prices vary according to the season, so prices may vary.

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